Monday, June 24, 2013

Lessons From Bible Camp

Recently my kids went to a Bible day camp sponsored by a local church (not LDS).  They had a terrific time learning and singing and playing. I loved the theme they took from a popular song:  Jesus is my Super Hero.  (My kids haven't stopped singing that song since camp!)

On the final day they had a special guest visitor at camp-- one of the coolest super heroes ever: Batman came to share his story with the kids. 

Batman talked about his job as a hero-- catching the bad guys and putting them in jail.  Batman used the law to seek justice.  But the criminals would serve their time and never change  Batman would find them again back on the streets causing problems.  Justice wasn't enough to solve the problem.  The criminals needed mercy to change.  Batman explained that now, when he meets a bad guy, he puts his arm around them and says, "Let me tell you about my friend Jesus."  Jesus' grace alone is what can lead the bad guys home.

What a beautiful lesson.  Sometimes as victims of others actions we are so caught up in seeking justice and even vengeance, that we forget that the only way to bring about change is Christ's love and grace.  Only His power will enables us and the perpetrators to change.  Jesus really is a Super Hero.

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  1. Oh I love that! It is true. We need to let go of the desire for justice or revenge and let God take care of it.