Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blooming in Rocky Places

Water trickling down the mountain
I was excited this year to hike with our Young Women.  I love nature.  I love the girls.  I love sitting quietly watching God's creations.  I admire the flora and fauna that grace the mountain praries and ridges.  I marvel at their ability to thrive in inhospitable circumstances.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip-- they remind me that I can bloom, grow, and shine even in Rocky Places.

This tree grows off the face of the mountain.   It's sprawling roots cover the trail and are abused by hikers.  I love the bend of the tree as it reaches its way to the sun.

I love these little flowers that blooms in the rocks near a water fall.  Their only water comes from occasional off- spray from the falls.

This little white flower grows along the trail.


  1. I love how extraordinary that tree looks... awesome. Thank you :)

  2. cool pics, pretty plants, and i love the implications of the title. not just growing through adversity (rocky places) but taking root, finding nourishment and blooming