Monday, December 22, 2014

A Work in Progress

My sister has a quilting blog and on Wednesdays she posts her WIPs- work in progress projects.  I love the idea of it.  Put it out in the open that even a highly accomplished tradeswoman has a pile of personal projects that are still in progress.  Still working on them-- slowly but surely.  Some stay at the bottom of the pile longer than others (she revealed one week a project that she has been working on for several years)  There are days that she is just not interested in delving into that mess or something else is urgent.  Projects get re-prioritized every day.

The longer I've been at this "recovery" business the more I realize that I have a list of  "WIP"s that get a little attention here and there as I have time.  Sometimes urgent matters take me away from the deep healing and mess at the bottom of the pile.  Sometimes I have plenty of time, but no emotional energy.  So I plug away at what I can and recognize that I may just always have a WIP pile and that is ok.  Some days I know it is time to process and then I work on it.  Healing and hope always come.

Are you dying to know my WIPs.  Some of them I hope to address in the New Year-- thus keeping me accountable for actually getting work done!  Some of them are just daily keeping me healthy things.

Dealing with Doubt- how to react when those icky, nagging, doubts rush into my mind.
Actively Working on Relationships vs just being in a passive, habitual roommate relationship
Remembering Who I am and Whose I am- the key motivator in my day (at least I want it to be)
Seeing the Beauty of Life
Learning to Love

I'll keep working on these things and frankly, just keeping up with life.  I am a work in progress- and that's ok.

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